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Also from PragueTV:

National team captain Tomas Galasek is set to stay with Ajax when his contract expires in the summer. Ajax sporting director Martin van Geel has told the Dutch media that he expects Galasek to sign a one-year contract extension. The midfielder, now 32, has been an Ajax player since 2000.
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Prague TV is reporting on Rosicky's move to La Liga (no, I am not obsessed with Rosicky's possible move thankyouverymuch):

Tomas Rosicky's move to Atletico Madrid is back on again, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca. Borussia Dortmund have accepted an offer of 10 million euros, the paper reports. In an interview with the CTK agency, however, Rosicky's agent, Pavel Paska, has denied Marca's claims, saying that the two clubs have yet to reach an agreement.
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That seems to be the question for Rosicky these days. It's now being reported that Rosicky will actually stay at Dortmund as talks with Atletico Madrid have broken down.

I still think he'll end up at the Gunners.
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Nedved may just have another pivo sipping buddy in Torino. According to UK website, Juventus could move to buy Zdenek Grygera in January. The Italian side are thought to have been interested in the 25-year-old defender for more than two years, and only Serie A quotas on foreign players prevented Juve buying him when he was a Sparta Praha player.
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It seems like Tomas Rosicky's future is still up in the air. The question is now whether he'll be enjoying the air in Madrid or London. For certain, Arsenal could use some help these days given their fall down the Premiership table. I guess we'll have to wait for the January transfer window before we'll know for sure.
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Radio Praha is reporting that midfielder Karel Poborský will be staying at
SK Dynamo Ceské Budéjovice
in the 2. liga, where he has been playing since being suspended from Sparta Praha. Karel's no stranger to Ceské Budéjovice, as he not only got his start there, but he is co-owner of the team as well. Talk about a vested interest in seeing the team do well. Glad to see he's invested some of his earnings from his days at Slavia. And Zizkov. And Manchester United. And Benfica. And Lazio. And Sparta. So it seems as if moving house is nothing new for Karel.

Czech Manager Karel Bruckner backs the move, which means we'll probably still be seeing Karel play for the Czech side in Germany.
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Prague Daily Monitor is reporting that Czech midfielder Tomas Rosicky is likely to be on the way out of Borussia Dortmund and on his way to Atletico Madrid when the transfer window opens. Financially strapped Borussia is loathe to let him go, but money talks and it will likely be that Rosicky walks. At any rate, Atletico Madrid has been given until the end of the week to make the deal.


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