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ESPN2 announcer who isn't John Harkes: A number of people have come out tonight to see Cuatemoc Blanco....

Um, it's a HOME GAME at DC. I think you meant to say "A number of people have come out tonight to CHEER AGAINST Chuy Blanco".

Just sayin', Barra Brava didn't come to wish him well...
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So Sepp's blabbering again, saying that England is making a mistake by hiring a coach that is not of the same nationality as it's players.

To quote this bumbling idiot:

“I have never seen Italy, Germany, Brazil or Argentina with a coach from another country.

“In fact, most of the best teams have a coach from their own country.”

He should really learn to use Wikipedia.

Italy has had manager Lajos Czeizler from Hungary.

Germany has had manager Fred Pentland from England.

It's not an exhaustive list admittedly, but he shouldn't say "never" without a bit of fact-checking.

He acts like England has never done this before, either. Ahem, Sven-Göran Eriksson.

As for the rest of the world, ahem, Scolari for Portugal. And then there's Bora Milutinović - where has he NOT coached? He's up there with Guus Hiddink as a hired gun. And as much as it pains me to say it, Ricardo Lavolpe didn't do too shabbily for El Tri. For those digging back in history, Ernst Happel, an Austrian, led the Netherlands to a runner up slot in the 1978 World Cup.

Futhermore from the article:

"Blatter is also concerned for the future of the England team with the huge
number of overseas stars in the Premier League."

Oh really? Is he also concerned about the future of Spain with all the foreigners in La Liga? FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are definitely not Spanish-heavy with their players. And is he crying for Calcio - AC Milan is like Little São Paulo while Inter is like Little Buenos Aires. What's with all the bias towards England?
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Whoooooooooooooooo! I got my tickets to the World Cup today!!!! Whooooooooooooo!
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I'm not sure how much I'm going to be updating in the coming weeks whilst in England (the lappy is staying AT HOME!), so here are two travelogues started by my friends who are going across the pond with me (they're actually already there....):


Mar. 27th, 2006 07:02 am
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Happy Late Birthday to [ profile] txtarheel from your moron friend who missed it.

wendy :)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] futbolistautd! Sorry I couldn't give you a Duke Championship, but here's hoping DC United gives you a win this weekend!
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In Portland, it snows. :) :) :)
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Originally uploaded by trendywendy.
Behold my mad paintbrush skillz!
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It's absolutely beautiful outside today! Wheeee March is nice!
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I just made (and ate!) the most awesome shrimp po-boy with remoulade. Bringin' da big easy to the pac-nw, yo. Bumpin' some cajun on the Willamette. Word.
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Way to go, JJ Redick!!!!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] flummox and [ profile] joyce!! Live it up! :)
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We had an earthquake last night - who knew? I sure didn't feel it...
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Do you ever see things that make you just so very happy to be alive? I am having that feeling right now after seeing "Iconoclasts - Mario Batali on Michael Stipe" on Sundance. I highly recommend watching this episode of Iconoclasts as it is just so positive and uplifting. I didn't know that Mario and Michael were friends but after seeing this documentary, it makes perfect sense to me. They're each very good at their chosen craft and respect the other's craft. It's so neat to watch the chemistry between these two guys and how much they enjoy each other's company. Definitely a good way to spend an hour. I can't wait to see it again. I love Sundance - what a great series.
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I've added a few more RSSes:

I'll add others as I have time, but those are the best ones, obviously. :)

The main site ([ profile] worldcupblog) changed their RSS URL so I wrote to LJ to fix that.
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I just gave myself the most awesome gift today - a library card! I have no idea what took me so long to get one, silly old bear.
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